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A first-hand guide to setting up music on an Astell and Kern SR25

Why Astell and Kern SR25? Two things stimulated the purchase of my Astell and Kern SR25. The desire for a good pair of headphones and continued frustration that itunes continues to want to update and do things its way and not mine. After reading many reviews and watching vlogs on YouTube, I decided that I […]

Are you a digital party pooper?

Social media has developed significantly over the last five years and continues to do so. If you are not using social media as an integrated part of your marketing mix then you either have a very specific limited business objective or you are not aware of the power the exciting channels to market social media […]

Was Hurricane Irma a climate change phenomenon?

The British always love to talk about the weather. Perhaps it’s the variability of the climate where the UK is situated. However, for many months to come the weather in the Atlantic is set to be the stimulus for some debate. At least it ought to be, as the politicians and scientists in America seek […]