Isle of Anglesey County Council

Project Overview: Promoting recycling

Activities: Public Relations, Design and Print, Events, Research, Branding

The Challenge

The Waste Management Section needed to effect behaviour change to introduce new recycling collection systems across Anglesey, including the introduction of food waste collection.

The Solution

We began by taking a consultative approach holding a range of drop in surgeries across Anglesey to engage residents face to face and understand their concerns and perceptions about changes in the waste collection service. Waste collection is an emotive subject and we were able to gather emotional intelligence in addition to practical concerns.

Our campaign engaged the local community addressing key concerns, and presented benefits of a more efficient collection system. We created an entertaining video featuring the work of the Waste Management Section and how the new collection service would operate. An Anglesey wide series of presentations to community groups and schools included the video. This approach engaged a high percentage of residents. A range of other events encouraging waste minimisation included Fashion Swaps, reducing textile waste and delivering a new look for less. watch the video

Corporate collateral was supported with a distinctive sub-brand, focusing waste management section communications visual identity and core messages. We encouraged local trials of food waste collection systems, seeking the preferred options from users and adopting these at roll-out. In addition, we promoted the treatment system being used, with a launch event attended by the Welsh Minister, production of a video of the site in operation producing compost and held specific open days where residents could collect compost for their own use. This required us to work with the Association for Organics Recycling to produce a leaflet that could be understood by lay people, while bringing the traceability needed to comply with production standards for compost made from food and garden waste. watch the compost production video

In addition, we promoted the importance of reducing food waste, engaging local media in a leftovers recipe competition, encouraging Anglesey residents and businesses to submit their favourite recipes. This culminated in a recipe booklet featuring winning entries. All communications throughout the campaign were conducted in Welsh and English.


  • Successful roll out of recycling collection system raising recycling rates from 12% to over 65%
  • Award winning literature allowing residents to collect compost made from food and garden waste
  • Reduced contamination of recycling containers
  • High levels of public support for the new collection system

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